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The Oatstraw Tea Company

Secular Saint Candles

Secular Saint Candles

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Carry our history with this beautiful secular saints candle honoring james baldwin, patron saint of poets, uncles, and exiles. Give this candle to your favorite uncle, a hard-working young writer, or your most thoughtful friend.

Show your devotion to frida kahlo, the patron saint of monkeys, thwarted lovers, and unibrows, with this colorful votive! This candle will add color, flamboyance, and a dash of drama to your blue house.

Show your devotion to writer and nobel laureate toni morrison - patron saint of the lost, cartographers, and the small bench by the road.  Give this colorful secular saint votive candle to someone you admire. It makes a lovely encouragement gift for a dedicated do-gooder or struggling artist.

Show your devotion to st. Billie, the patron saint of torch singers, with this beautiful votive. This candle will add sparkle to your studio or illuminate your salon. Set out some fresh gardenias and let lady day inspire you through solitude and ill wind, come rain or come shine.

8" tall, 2" diameter.

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